Done in October:

This October should have produced enough content that I could run at least a Weekly Video on YouTube. So those on Patreon can now see the entire of the arc Spectres Storyline last week, while YouTube has to wait. But as the September updates suggests, I’ve should need 3 more episodes to cover me until December.

Project 3Segment is effectively a dead project. However, I have arranged some of the work already done so I use it on other projects that I’ve got planned.

My Website got some tests done, and it appears to be performing better, after a few changes, but I don’t know for sure. Most of the issues happen when posting updates, and given that I’m only doing a Delayed repost of this update there. I’ve got to wait almost a month between tests.

About BoardingBob Videos? We’ve got a few things done, but I’ve now got a list of things I can do, while he gets some more stuff ready.

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