The following post is snippet of a longer post on Paid Patreon and Ko-fi users, released on 2nd June 2024.

Done in May:

Star Trek Armada had to take temporary Hiatus, to not having the episode recorded. I managed to get though the road block of the Romulan 3 episode. I’m hoping my start of the buffer continues to grow.

Solen Masters Book 1: Acacia’s Silence Pt2 kinda hit a hiatus on the paid early access, as I had to split up Chapter 9 to it’s scenes to extend the time to get Chapter 10 ready. (It’s ready, Chapter 11 is not.)

Also Acacia’s Silence Chapter 1 to 6 are now Public! As stated in a previous post this will be after a Month’s worth of Paid “Early Access”.  If you’re wondering, yes, I’m also posting Acacia’s Silence in places as well.

As expected we got the Star Trek Online newest Episode on the 28th and the Video went live on the 30th. Releasing a early access version is not really viable, as at best you’ll be getting just over 24 hours of early access. I have considered uploading an unedited version, but again that at best is 36 hours.

With BoardingBob videos, I’ll mention them again when he starts making a videos for me to edit.

The Picture?

Someone suggested to me that I should “draw” a Mermaid for “MerMay” so I did. I just didn’t finish the render before the end of May. Before anyone asks Acacia’s Swimsuit is design was intentional, and some may get a laugh out of it.

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