Back in January, I said that I’d be trying to finish one of my written Work In Progress Projects. I’ve actually got planned a video and already have completed the draft in 2016. The issue was that I needed get the video assets set up. Even 5 years on, it’s still not ready..

The Video in question is about My Pokémon Ranch, which is a now discontinued Wii-ware title. The issue is that I need to complete a copy of Pokémon Pearl to show everything off. (Actually, it doesn’t have to be Pearl, it’s just could also be to be a copy of a Diamond. I don’t have a spare copy of Diamond available for task.) So I’m going to be running a “Diary” of the challenges.

This Diary is going to be released on a delayed schedule, some of it is to avoid getting both a video and a Diary post on the same day. Well, it’s way better than the once a month when I remember to post something. (There’s been a few posts where I did the whole thing on the last day of the month, just so I could post on that month..)

I’m actually running a few goals for this game:

  1. I need to get a (relatively) fresh idea of the game, for possible articles/Video later this year. I’m also taking notes for those articles to compare back to the this playthough.
  2. To do My Pokémon Ranch video completely, I need to obtain 1000 Pokémon in total. The good news is I’ve got about 500 in another game, which means I’ve still got to get 500 Pokémon in another game, starting from nothing..

As for why:

  • My last play-through was in October to December 2010, and this run was using traded Pokémon. I’ve played almost every other Pokémon since this then. This time I want a “fresh” play-through, for the articles later this year.
  • Due to a mistake with an Action Replay device and poorly done hack, I ruined that save file with Pearl from over 10 years ago.
    • I’ve saved as many Pokémon that I can before I wiped the save file, either by trading or sending up Pokémon Black & White.
    • Outside of sending Pokémon out, This save file more or less has been sat idle for nearly 10 years, as the last significant task was to obtain several event Pokémon in March 2011. (These Pokémon are safely stored in another game.)
    • Also, as the Action Replay hardware I have only works with Windows XP, and not with Windows 10. I can’t even fix the file with another hack!
  • My Pokémon Ranch doesn’t work with DS Flash Cards I have in my possession, While I can hack the save files on these these Flash Carts easily, Ranch can’t accept them.
  • I have ideas that I can use for other projects by using this playthough as a base..

Finally, this is a site I need to post some writing of some sort on a somewhat regular basis. I never said of what I would write, but it should be written word. 

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