“Is this thing on?”

With in the gaming world, I’m often go by the name of “Nutter t.KK.” I’ve been helping out the guys at thePodKast.com, particularly their latest addition, ASEMBLE. I provided them with quite a bit of in Episode 6.

In Mid December, Codename asked me if I wanted to host their podcast, as a guest co-host. I agreed. I later found out that I’d be taking part of their first live show.

Due to Christmas, I had packed up the gear I’d normally use for podcasting. I make the mistake in record from my webcam Mic, not the head set which was sent out live, so I don’t sound clear. Also I’ve got a bit of a cold so I sound a little bad anyway.

Here’s Episode’s 7 Page.

Oh, If your wondering. I’m almost completed to get the first of several pieces of content heading your way. Expect Part 1 later on this week, possibly account for Valve time, of course.

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