I think the Joke’s been over for a while.. The “Microphone Sharp♯” Logo while nice, had not been reflecting on what I about. The Microphone was added as I was planning to release 2001 as in Audio form. I kept it as it reflected my name, being Mike Sharpe. The New logo has been designed to reflect several things, which is more about me unlike my last Logo, It can be made larger.
The Site layout changed not only to reflect my new logo, but a many more changes that I will make Public over time. The first of which I’ve hinted to this last year.
The Gold Detector that was “Pirated” last year is in the final stages of Preparation for a retail release. I think it will be an Amazon exclusive, at least for the foreseeable future. Sorry, if you’re expecting the book within other stores. The Pirated version of the book last year was DRM-free and could have been read on any device that could read PDFs.

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