For the Last few months, I’ve heard the Familiar sounds that most gamers have come to love to hear, Or Should I say at least one of the few. I personally hear The Playstation Trophy Unlock sound. The other sound is the X-box Achievement Sound, which I also heard on occasion.

Some time last year, I noticed, that I have many games that I hadn’t even played, and many more that I barely played. Even though I slow down buying games I was still getting more games that I ended up not playing. Unlike TV shows where you can Watch a few Episodes in a single sitting, games are usually not locked to the Hour or Half hour blocks that TV shows are. Some games are really short to play, while others are much longer to play, to the point where It’s impossible to complete it in one sitting. My Top 10 games that I played in 2016 list has both types of those games, “Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist” single play through didn’t break an half and hour. While almost everything else on the list had to be done over multiple play sessions, as some games too nearly two days based on logged play time.

However as most games in my Collection had Achievements or Trophies, depending on the game console. Achievements are awarded to a user when the player does a certain conditions are that the Developer has chosen are met. One could be “Punch Grif in his Ying-Yang” which is pretty much lifted from Red Vs Blue Video on this topic.

So I made myself a challenge, with Rules:

Rule 1: I must get at least one Achievement per Calendar day. (as in Midnight to Midnight)

This Rule was main driving force of the challenge. Due to how some games stacked Achievements, some achievements could trigger another. Some Sequences also had some in quick succession, or in some cases, I could get “Win a Match without dying” and “Get 10 Kills in a match” at the same time at the end of a match.

The Calendar day gave me some leeway when attempting a Achievement, as I technically have almost 48 hours between some Achievements.

Rule 2: No Starting games just to get an Achievement without intending to completing said game.

This rule means that I should avoid starting one of the Many Free games, just to get though the tutorial and get one Achievement. I wanted reduce the pile of games, not add to it.

Rule 3: No buying “Gamer score” boosting games.

Due amount of achievements per game, it turns out there quite a few games where the game basicly gives you the entire lot of Achievements with little amount of gameplay.

Rule 4: While 100%ing/Platinum Trophies is the goal, some can be ignored.

This is basicly to prevent me in to trouble for attempting some Near impossible Achievements Such as “World No. 1” on leaderboards.

Rules 5: Have Fun

This is the point of games, it about is having fun.

So What Did how did I do..

Well, I’ve been earning Achievements following the rules set above, there are a few things that haven’t helped. The fact that I’m working on “Secret Project” for most of the last month. But then I’ve been playing Day of the Tentacle Remastered in a few minutes per day on certain days to make this work. It’s turns out to be tricky as each day, I need to take a break to play until I get an achievement, and in a few cases I don’t want to break for a certain time.

There are people who almost do this all the time, but with more achievements, and usually the whole game. I can start to understand why they’re say sometimes it’s Madness.

By the way, The Featured Image shows one of my recent PS4 Trophy wins in Destiny, being obtained by Kat.

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