Talk like Pirate, Pay like a Pirate!

Yar!  THE BAR MAGE OF THE GOLDEN SEA by Mike Sharpe will be free for ALL Amazon Kindle customers. To celebrate “Talk like a pirate day” we are of offering the book at Pay thee Price a Pirate pays!   “Bar Maid, Grace O’Malley finds a old Elf woman at her bar. Over a drink, the Elf talks about using Solen, a magical power. One that … Continue reading Talk like Pirate, Pay like a Pirate!

Poor Scaling in Star Trek Online

During my Recent Let’s Play I got totally destroyed. I was using the same gear that most New player would have access to at that point with one exception. But really why was I fine until ISS Discovery disappeared, and got blown up by the Klingons. Also later episode on took a few more Klingons and beat them very easily. While this answer is complicated, but the largest factor is related to poor level scaling.

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