I’m in the middle of updating both 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity, and The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea. These both will be relatively minor changes. Many of these changes will be same between both books.

If you wish to obtain the “Classic” versions, I’d recommend buying them now, as these updates will replace them.

2001:  A Big Nutter Oddity

In addition to some Typo corrections, I’ll be adding “2022” notes to several parts, as to update some information about some of the “time sensitive” topics. I’ll be making clearly marking these additions, but I won’t be removing anything. I’ve also got to write a section about “2010: Oddity Two” in a updated final updates. I’ll also be doing covering a few other things in this section. I’m hoping to see this update live by late August. It will take time for some eBook stores to update.

Prices will not change with this update. Depending on Book stores; existing customers on can upgrade/download the updated version for free.

Also, I’ll try to update the Audio book, on the Google Play store.. Audio book? I’ve not mention this, but Google Play Store has an Audio book version of this book. This is done by a AI Narrator, it’s pretty good quality. I hope to get version updated around the same time. 

The Bar Mage of The Golden Sea

Bar Mage is going to see at least one ENTIRELY new section. I really want to add a Afterword to the book. Bar Mage and Times Fly & Acacia’s Silence are set in the same world, so I will note a few things about it. Bar Mage is set about 150 years after Acacia’s Silence Part 1, and is set far away from the country that Acacia lives in. If there are Typos, again they will be corrected. Price will not change with this update. Existing customers on can upgrade/download updated version for free, on demand from the Kindle settings menu on Amazon site. I expect this update live in Late August/Early September.

This Site

Nope, you didn’t misread it. I’m updating here as well. I’m going to be adding the Times Fly and Acacia Silence sections. I’m going to release a date when I think it’s ready. Also, around the same time, I’m going to alter the theme. The look may change, but I’ll be keeping the posts and links the same. 

One big reason for this change is mostly due to how the site looks on mobile devices.


I’m going continue the 2 videos a week that I been trying to do since January.  Changes are planned to be slowly update some visual elements during the videos.

The Schedule will remain the same: Pokémon on Tuesday, Star Trek on Thursdays. Specials/Bonus when ever appropriate, but Saturdays is commonly for non-time sensitive videos.

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