Yes, one of the deals I’ve had on this site is now over.. I won’t be offering it again. You’ve had over 3 months to get it, and I did say it would happen today, and it happened. Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word is no longer available.

Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word plans

If you did managed to get a copy, you may have found a note in the introduction for why:

Be aware that this Free ebook will be available for a limited time. After 6th January 2023 you will be unable to download this ebook from .

The finalised version of Book will be going on Sale on 28th April 2023.

Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word Introduction

And for more context from the rear:

Please Visit for more info on Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence, especially around 29th April 2023.

There’s going to be a few questions, So I’ll answer a few of them.

So there’s a Part 2? Is there going to Part 3? – Yes, Part 2 is in the process of a re-write, with a subtitle yet undecided. “Part 3” won’t be called Acacia’s Silence. It’s currently planned as “Defence of Rechal,” and “Part 4” is “The Great Crystal of Lufas,” and early plans for “Parts 5 and 6”.

Why 29th April? – It’s Acacia’s Birthday on the 30th. I just don’t want to release on the Sunday, so I’ve chosen the day before.

Is this book going to be Exclusive to a Store? – At this time, plans are in flux, but one reason for the removal is to allow me to comply with exclusivity rules.

Pricing? – Again, pricing will be determined closer to the time.

Will there be a Print Edition/Dead Tree Edition? – I’d like to have it, but stay tuned to for news.

Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word Afterword

I was in a rush to get this out.. I didn’t even check it properly!

So yes, I’ll be releasing Acacia’s Silence in some form late April. I’ll be making announcements during Late March and April about it then!

Art, Mastodon and Twitter

One of the side Projects during Nanowrimo was to make 50 “Drawings” in a month. “Drawings” in this case was 3D art using Daz Studio, as I needed to remake the models I lost last year. I managed to use a few of them for the few update videos I tried to make during November. (These usually also hid the cuts between multiple takes.)

I recently found an app that allows me to upload my art to multiple sites at the same time.

Also During November, we had a few scares with Twitter may be going down, this made me think I should be prepared to have a backup.. So I joined up with a Mastodon instance about Digital Art, and I post my more of the art there than I do on my Twitter account. (The art that is exclusive is mostly more mature art, you need to visit my profile or subscribe to me on Mastodon to see the mature art.)

My Ko-fi page has also been getting the art. So you can top up my coffee cup there if you like what you see.

There will be more complete post about this coming down the line.

YouTube, Star Trek Online and Pokémon

Currently, I’ve got just under 3 months worth of content left on Star Trek Online, based on my initial plan. I’ve got plans for stuff to do after I complete, but any nothing is certain as of yet.

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, I reached a brick wall in Cynthia. I didn’t expect how buffed they made Cynthia’s Party. In the DS games, only her Garchomp had an item, but this time all her party has items.

There is still the Annual Top 10 games that I Played video to come.

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