I am not Pro..

No, Your eyes aren’t playing tricks. Except for the eBook, what Have I sold?

A Titanic Book?

That is not me, neither I am the WWE(WWF) Wrestler Iron Mike Sharpe, or even a Professor at Edinburgh. All Three are clearly Professionals, in their Field, well, I think one has retired.

At the moment, I doubt anyone would consider me being a “true Professional” writer.

If anyone would guess, they may think I could be a Pro Gamer.. But according to Smashman and Ashkan, I am not. I am what the TF2 community calls, Pub. (- Short for Public Server players)

I’ve entered the myself for opportunity to play in the 6 VS 9 match of Team Fortress 2, the event is called European Thunder. It is being organised by Smashman and Ashkan. (Hat Simulator was originally the TF2 team poking fun at themselves, due to the amount of Hats found in game.)

Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a Class-based Multiplayer Team First Person Shooter. I see you’re lost already. First person shooters are games played through the eyes of the player Character, games in this Genre Doom, Quake, Half Life and Portal. Multiplayer means you’re playing with other players. Class-based means that certain Characters have different abilities.

For my chosen Class is the “Engineer,” a Defence/Support Class. My job is to build buildings that will bring people to the front lines, and to Heal my Team, and to provide some defensive fire with a building a sentry Gun. Sounds like a Lot, but I’ve not powerful weapons.

The European Thunder event is a Pro team of 6 players, with “Competitive” limits, versus a Team of 9 Pub players under “Highlander” Rules, which means that each player forced to be the only player being forced that class.

Here’s some Footage of a match from one of my Team Mates view, the Solider. The video starts with him behind my dispenser, and my buildings. I’m wearing a purple hat. We’re playing Defence. You don’t hear our voices on the Team “Radio.” This was a Tryout as using both teams each using Highlander rules.

We “lost” the round. But we then were the attacking side, and subsequently “won,” and since we “won” our attacking round in less time, we won.

Edit: Several members on this match actually got in to the actual match.

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