Draylith (Humanoid Form)

This week is the start the Year of the Dragon. So here we have Draylith in her Humanoid form. She based her humanoid form upon an younger Rosaniya Blanc which explains elf features. She can change her body with some effort, as she us usually seen without her wings in her Humanoid form. Her Horns… Continue reading Draylith (Humanoid Form)

Patreon “December Status update” Snippet

My Nexus 7 tablet and the Nintendo keyboard.

First, I was not eaten by tiger. Watch a recent Let’s play for more info. November was NaNoWriMo, so I planned ahead and got the last two parts of Spectres done in October. But had to do all three episodes of the Let’s play during the week. This delay was mostly due to last minute… Continue reading Patreon “December Status update” Snippet

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