Paid “February Status update” Snippet

Done in January:

The First yearly Video “Book Review 2023” was done on the 11th January. This was one of my longer video edit jobs I’ve done for a while. It took way longer than most other videos. It really didn’t help that I had to cut around cat feeding times.

The Rex Pilot Escort Preview was the “filler” video to help me buy time to get the Top 10 games that I played in 2023 done.. or not.

The Top 10 games that I played in 2023 is going slowly, partly as I played a number of games that was no longer valid to be listed. This was more down the fact that the Wii U and 3DS eShop shut this year. I now have a list of valid games with some of them with script on them, but I hope to get the video done soon.

Project Watt did get some work, mostly on working out the plan in more detail. It’s also going to be another Patreon early access item. I mentioned in the Video yesterday (Feb 1st) that I Project Watt is Serialised Content that will first be paid exclusivity for about a month ,until it becomes free on My Website. There will details announced later, including the actual name of it.

BoardingBob videos has not been as smooth sailing as we had hoped. I was hoping that it would have been once a week, not Monday and Fridays.

I had plans to record a DS game, but the game I had initially had planned kinda fell flat.

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