January 2024 Updates

Welcome to the Status update. This is a monthly update: I’m going to cover some stuff that happens in the last month and expectations for the next month.

Done in December:

I was expecting some down time in the early December, as I was getting some electrical work done on the house. The down time was way shorter than what I was expecting, or dreading. I was expecting several hours down, but it was only a few minutes.

The Tamarian “Darmok and Jalad” Deep Space Cruiser Budget build kinda failed, this is down to services I’d expect to be available in Star Trek Online, not being available, and I was not really happy on a build at all.

The guides I had planned, to fill the gaps, or replace the build videos, didn’t really work right. So, I’ll be still running them where I can.

While I started early, but the Book review had to wait until January before I could complete it. (It’s actually done, it’s just in post production at the moment.)

The Top 10 games that I played in 2023 is going slowly, partly as I played a number of games that was unable to listed. This was more down the fact that the Wii U and 3DS eShop shut this year.

Project Watt did get some work, mostly on working out the plan in more detail. It’s also going to be “Ko-fi early access” item.

BoardingBob videos has started up again.. hopefully we can get a things going well next year.

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