Twitter Uncovered: History and Monetization Revealed!

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My Twitter Following Guidelines

Here is old blog post from my older writing blog, which is now for previews, and the content is very raw, and could offend. (Some of it did, by the way.) Personally, I don’t think Twitter is a Numbers game. Numbers mean nothing if you’re posting to the wall. Or not posting at all. Originally posted 17th of March, under the name of BigNutter, I’ve … Continue reading My Twitter Following Guidelines

Twitter Basics & 12 Seconds – Youtube for Twitter

For those who follow me, know that I use Twitter. Those who don’t know that I do, Look to the Right of this page. (That’s Assuming I don’t Change the Layout after I post this!)

Twitter has been described as Mirco-Blogging. It has been compared to a shortened email service and other stuff such as Public Instant Messengers.

One person, Havi Brooks, says that It’s a Bar. An Online Bar. Being called a online CafĂ© works too.

Time has put wrote a quote which can be tweeted. (Tweet the act of posting a “Comment”)

Twitter is changing the way we talk to one another and the way businesses relate with clients, all within 140 Characters or less.

If you’re wondering, it’s 130 Characters, before we start substituting words for letters and symbols. Tee Morris uses this quote in the Book called All A Twitter. (Which I say get, not matter what your skill level is.)

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