I’ve updated the side bars. I’ve added the Über Feed and the Stuff I like Feeds.

Both can be added to a RSS reader of your Choice. In a few cases, there will be links which prevent you from accessing content directly. This is intentional with the Über Feed, as content is may be intended for Mature Audiences Only. In the case of DeviantArt, they will ask you to register as the you need to enable View Adult Content Settings.  Live Journal will ask you to click several links. All the other sites usually do not contain adult imagery and allow you to access it for free.

The Über Feed contains MY content from several of my sources. It also will occasionally have several links to similar blog posts all around this same time, this is intentional. There are links to a few of the sites that I’ve linked in the side bar already.

The Stuff I Like contains stuff that I like, or stuff that I’d like to Share. This will contain Links to other sites often. BBC News and a few other sites will be seen here often.

Also I’ve updated the site Layout a bit.

2001: A Big Nutter Oddity will take some more time. Don’t expect a update until June.


EDIT: Both Feeds were created by Google Reader service, which was withdrawn in June 2013, both feeds are no longer available and subsequently removed.


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