This year I’m doing a NaNoWriMo again… Yes, I did do it last November too. This year, I may have to ditch it. Magical Pirates, is being sent to the editors on the 1st. This year my Goals of last years still stand. That is 50,000 words as the primary Goal. I’ll be glad if I got my realistic Target of 25,000 words, or half the amount.

Waypoints are 7333, the First Nano result, and 9001, for a personal joke. (You’ll get it after I post a video.) Last years word total 9712 is added to this years selection of Targets.

So What the story this year? I’m not sure yet. It’s called The Fall (Part 2). What? The same thing you’ve been writing for a year? Not exactly, The Fall was totally rewritten in the last 12 Months. Most of that was trying to make the book continue. So I’ve got a plan, at least for the first few days, then it’s where ever the story goes. Don’t worry, during the next few days I’ll prepare something gaming that will be released during NaNo.

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