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Here is old blog post from my older writing blog, which is now for previews, and the content is very raw, and could offend. (Some of it did, by the way.)

Personally, I don’t think Twitter is a Numbers game. Numbers mean nothing if you’re posting to the wall. Or not posting at all.

Originally posted 17th of March, under the name of BigNutter, I’ve edited to match current views.

Bold parts that I want to make clear.. Italics are my comments about this.

  • Do I know you?If I know you from a forum or in Real life, I will be more likey to follow you than not at all. El Goonish Shive‘s Bunnies and PodioBook Authors are two good examples of this. I am usually a friend or a Fan of something to follow it.
  • Don’t rely on bots. Especially DM bots! It’s like if I rang you and I picked up the phone then got my Answer phone to take the call with you. There is a few bots I don’t mind. I do follow a few useful bots, but they’re almost clearly marked as a Bot, such as the News Bots. I also do use one type of Bot to post updates on my behalf. This is a “RSS Feed to Twitter” Bot named Twitterfeed, which is set only work after I update my Blogs and my Deviant art Submissions. I also use a Twitter to Face Book updater.
  • How often you Link to your Site(s)? Unless it’s a link to a update, keep off it. Do I really need to know what your site is every post? Your Profile contains it!
  • Do you reply? Or do you chat with your followers? Over half of my Tweets are in reply, or directed to people.
  • Have you actually Posted anything? Do have a Avatar? Anything in your Profile? In most cases, think you’re a Spam Bot, exceptions are new users, from places where I know you from.
  • Twitter (and also FaceBook) is a Social Media Application. You’ve got to Socialise.. It’s in the Description. Yeah, Big deal, but why aren’t YOU Socialising? If the Actors who play Data, Wesley Crusher and Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation does it, why can’t you?

In most cases, where I can post links to Blogs I don’t restrict comments, for example this site allows for Anonymous posting.

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Just to make clear that I’ve not feed any of the Blogs in to MikeSharpewritr on Twitter, except for this Site.

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