I am not Torden

I’m set up in same room as  eXtv.. Extine almost pointed me out as the TF2 Player Torden.

Mike Sharpe Writer at i46

Apologies for  the lack of updates.. I’ve had plans to do something. I’ll let you guys know about it later. For the next Few days I will be in the KritzKast Clan Box at i46. I should get more updates. But there is a USA VS European event for TF2 there.. I may also release… Continue reading Mike Sharpe Writer at i46

Buttons & Sales

By one of these Cherub Brooch today!

Most days I’m surrounded by buttons. Well, I’ve got over a hundred in front of me now. Most of them are the keys in my keyboard. But then when you’re a Tech writer, you need those 100 buttons. In today’s world, chance is that you’ll press nearly a thousand buttons in a day. I admit… Continue reading Buttons & Sales

Thank you Sony

A cut Credit Card

Today, I had to cut up my card.. Why I am showing you a cut Credit card? I am a customer of Sony Computer Entertainment, and used the PSN service. Note the past tense, No one can use the PSN Service as I type this. This is down to a certain group of people who… Continue reading Thank you Sony

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