Top 10 Games that I played in 2019

Sniper Elite 3 Ulimate Edtion Box art

5. Sniper Elite 3 – PC (PS4, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Switch)

Someone once said, “Sniping a good Job, mate.” This time We’re Sniping in Africa against the Nazi’s. As I had played the Previous game, I already had an idea of what to expect. Stay unseen and unheard and be a Ninja.. Half of the time you’re waiting for your time to strike, before you go loud. Then some times you’re firing like crazy trying to prevent them finding and killing you.

It’s is not all hiding then shooting them from a mile away. You often need to sneak in to find some info or plant some explosives.

Like Distance, this was one of the games in the Humble Bundle Monthly deal, but this was one of the bigger titles. I actually picked up Sniper Elite 4 before this one, but played it in 2018, so fails to make it on that time.

4. Trails of Cold Steel 2 – Vita (PS4/PC)

Well, I really couldn’t leave it on a cliff hanger… and according to Sony: it’s my most played Playstation game, yes even more than Destiny 2.

This game starts with Rean waking next to a 14ft MechKnight called Valimar on the side of a mountain, as the previous game ended with Valimar with Rean inside flying off. After a while he has to take the fight to the one of the factions in the Cival war, as they kidnapped his adoptive sister and Princess Aflin.

You soon reunite with Class VII and a few other members of Thors, and start to end the war.

This game really doesn’t do much to alter the previous games formula. As you open up areas, you can revisit them later. You’re even required to visit some of them to progress some required quests. The Battle system has a few changes, mostly due to the addition of Valimar and the promotion of “guest” characters in to semi regular Party members. Unlike most of the previous game, where your team is limited based on story reasons, this time most of the team is left up to you, but characters will leave for story reason, but this isn’t as pronounced.. Some characters got promoted to temporary party Characters, who are temporarily with you story reasons.

I personally recommend NOT starting the series with this game. While Cold Steel 1 is a valid starting point, and where I started, I personally recommend with first game Trails in the Sky trilogy and play the trilogy first. (The First game in the series has no subtitle, but fans give the game a sub title of First Chapter or FC to separate it out from the other two games in the Sky/Liberl Arc.)

3. Warframe – PC (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

“Ninja’s play for Free” is the Motto here. Sadly, I didn’t really play for free totally, but I got some freebies based on some other things I was paying for.

This game does respect your time, and money. You do end up requiring trading to get certain Cash store items, but most of the items are time savers and avoid the grind.

The game also has many good missions for game. While your character progression is a trickle compared to other games. It takes at least 5 days to even start to unlock a mission that enables you to new set of abilities. This is about half way though the star map you can see in the game. This mission is one of the better ones they added, and opens up alot things that you can only do with the new abilities. I’ll be keeping this ability a secret, it’s a bit thing but nice.

2. Destiny 2 – PS4 & PC (Xbox one)

Well, One of the few games that I played all year.. Partly due to the Taken Wolves of Felwinter. More info about them later.. Well, this year for Destiny 2 was a strange one. Bungie ditched Activision as the Publisher.

Another is that they changed how the game is put out. Gone is the One big drop and more if a regular drip feed of content to the game. Another is the barrier to entry. Previously, you had to buy All of the DLC, for the latest update. I did this for the first two years. This isn’t case now. A portion of NEW content is now temporarily added and removed a few week or month later.

This means there is often something new to play, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got a full hard disk with every piece of content that game has.

They also added Cross save to allow players to resume from where they were on PC or another console. Given that the game is now alot more thing on going, this is helpful for people who have multiple groups of friend on different systems.

Finally, the make the base game, and the first year DLCs free to play with many of the second and third year areas available as well, which means all you can try some of the game before you put cash down. And which is a Reason to try the game.

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