News and Illness with “mentor” PG Holyfield

I’ll do the “good” news first. Since last post, I can now confirm that the Site is safe for the time being. I was going to wait until I had got everything sorted out, such as sorting out a new theme and a prepared few posts in advanced before I made it. I would have made this announcement in the first post after the last … Continue reading News and Illness with “mentor” PG Holyfield

Secret Project Named

I’ve got a problem. This is common among writers except for PG HolyField. I’ve not got enough words. The Tales of The Soju Masters: The Fall(Working Title) is just under 25,000 words. Most Publishers are looking for Novels over 80,000 words. At the moment, I’ve got some editing to do. This will bring the first two “Acts” up to 30,000. This Second Act whist complete, … Continue reading Secret Project Named