Day 1 – To Jubilife City

This is an part of series of about my current/recent playthough of Pokémon Pearl. Some while Fan terminology and some more advanced techniques will be mentioned, a Current or Previous Post will provide a Summary of said topic.


Starting off, I’m going to cover the hardware used: The Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS is has near full DS compatibility, with only the GBA port not being present being the only known issue. For the most part, the lack of GBA port will not matter until “post-game” or beaten the Elite 4 (“Final bosses”). As for my choice of being the 2DS console, I’d like to keep the game in a same console for as long as possible: this is to prevent some issues later, which I’ll cover in another post, when I return to Jubilife City. The 2DS was the best choice for long term play out of remaining consoles I owned, as some 3DS or DS consoles already in use with games I’m planning to trade with, and damage to others.

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