NaNoWriMo First 10 days

Ow! Only 2772 words so far. It’s not helped that there have been stuff happening. This reduces my writing time to where I can. In other News, Magical Pirates is sent to the Editor. I’m Expecting news on the 15th. Magical Pirates is the WIP name for a short story. This editor will be publish her clients though Dragon Moon Press, a mainly US print … Continue reading NaNoWriMo First 10 days


I’m doing National Novel Writing Month this November. It’s shortened NaNoWriMo. The Official Goal is to Write 50,000 words in a month on a single Novel. I have several Goals:

  1. Write 7,333 words before Day 17. This was my score last year.
  2. Write 25,000 words before the dead line, November 30.
  3. The official dead line, Write 50,000 words in 30 Days, aka November 1st to November 30th

There is a Official NaNoWriMo Counter, here it is:

Static image of Final results on NaNoWriMo09

Up there is the 50,000 word dead line, the 25,000 in the side bar is similar. For both, Each the size of the bar is the Average number of words remaining that I need to hit final word count on November 30th. Green is what I’ve done, and Red is how much I missed.

Due to the NaNoWriMo site being very unstable during November, and the above image is taken directly from from their site. When the site fails you’ll see a Box with some text in it. I’ve placed a Stat Counter on this site, this is tracks a few things in that the NaNoWriMo Site does not. The data can be a few hours old. This page also contains the data, but in text form.

The Novel is called Times’ Fly.

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