Podiobooks Needs You!

To date, I’ve not asked for money, from any visitors and Customers from this site.

Today, I’m asking Money on Behalf of Evo Terra of Podiobooks.

Their Servers have recently had a major Problem. It means that there are now NO new updates until it is fixed.

They know how fix it. The problem isn’t knowing, it getting the parts they need to fix it. The thing they can’t do is actually buy the parts, and they cost money.

This is where you come in. Podiobooks does not charge for it’s own services, but instead asks for donations. From PodioBooks Staff:

Want to help offset those costs? Donate below:

Anything helps. We’re committed to keeping our free serialized audiobooks… well, free. But there are real hard costs to keep those going, and it now looks like those monthly costs are going up. So thanks in advance if you’d like to help!

Finally, with Podiobooks barely working, 2001 will not be released, until it is.

2 thoughts on “Podiobooks Needs You!

  1. Thanks, Mike. The community acted swiftly and with gusto! The hardware we’re running on now will last us a nice long time. Even better — the costs are covered for many months to come!

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