Working outside without the Laptop

A few days ago, New York Times Bestseller Author Scott Sigler posted about doing a 18 day run without bringing a laptop to his recent trip around Europe. Instead he was to rely on his tablet and no laptops, and still keeping on his work going. A few years ago I did needed to do the same, except that the laptop wasn’t a option as I didn’t have a working one.
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Tales of Phantasia and talk about Solen Masters

Here is a Video where I talk about a Video game, Tales of  Phantasia and my Solen Series. Just to add a few things, I am very much a fan, as I’ve even gotten Mint as a Figure on my shelves. There is a lot of complaints about the Official GBA Translation, over and the SNES/Super Famicom Fan Translation. Cless/Cress is one of the understandable … Continue reading Tales of Phantasia and talk about Solen Masters