Pokémon Black & White Cross Generational Transferral

This Article is speculation. It is not fact. The entire premise of this article is based on second hand information, which I am unable to verify. Pokémon Black? Pokémon White? Pokémon Black and Pokémon White as I write this has just been announce in Japan. The actual reading of the Japanese text is as close as one can get to write the English words Black … Continue reading Pokémon Black & White Cross Generational Transferral


I said a previous blog post that I was expecting to start publishing the Podcast by late March. It’s now the last day of March, and it’s not ready. My hardware failed on me in the Early March. I’m talking about bad noise and mysterious blue smoke, which is never a good thing. Adam Savage (MythBusters – Free Energy (Radio)): That might have been, I … Continue reading Delays

Twitter Uncovered: History and Monetization Revealed!

No, this isn’t a spam post. But what comments I’ve got are all Spam. This is two podcasters joking around. Whist they’re are not PodioBook Authors, one of them runs Podiobooks as a second job. They do work as Social Media advisers, They know quite a bit about Facebook and Twitter, And are not in for the quick buck. Talking about Twitter.. Hehe.. Bob Email? … Continue reading Twitter Uncovered: History and Monetization Revealed!

Geo Tagging

Since Twitter added GeoTagging, the Popular Twitter App TweetDeck now can read them, this is a blog post about Geo-Tagging. What is it? Geo Tagging is a name for geographical data “hidden” in Meta Data of a Digital Photo, Video, or an electronic post of some sort. Confused? Let’s start with “Geographical Data”. It’s really where is a certain thing’s place is in the world. … Continue reading Geo Tagging