Working outside without the Laptop

A few days ago, New York Times Bestseller Author Scott Sigler posted about doing a 18 day run without bringing a laptop to his recent trip around Europe. Instead he was to rely on his tablet and no laptops, and still keeping on his work going. A few years ago I did needed to do the same, except that the laptop wasn’t a option as I didn’t have a working one.
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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Post Mortem

Another year, another challenge. This year the Challenge was less about getting the myself in a position to get words out on the page. A trick I was intended to abuse to get my word count higher would have been basicly recounting existing lines that I written before hand. I never get to use this trick as the scenes I could “pilfer” from got major … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2016 – Post Mortem

NanoWrimo 2016

It’s that time again.. It’s almost November, It’s almost time for the NanoWrimo. This year I’ll be working on completing “Acacia’s Silence.” So I won’t be starting a Fresh project. By completing Acacia’s Silence, it will be ready for sale sooner. Like the Last two years I’ll be doing a talk after each day on Youtube. This year, I’m going to mention a few things … Continue reading NanoWrimo 2016