Deleted Content – Acacia’s Silence – The First scene

To help me keep progress up during Nanowrimo. I’ve chosen to share some removed scenes from the Acacia’s Silence.  These scenes are often complete but replaced in most due to various reasons. Please be aware that these scenes will use Soju instead of the Solen.

To start off, the old first page. Continue reading “Deleted Content – Acacia’s Silence – The First scene”

NanoWrimo 2016

It’s that time again.. It’s almost November, It’s almost time for the NanoWrimo. This year I’ll be working on completing “Acacia’s Silence.” So I won’t be starting a Fresh project. By completing Acacia’s Silence, it will be ready for sale sooner. Like the Last two years I’ll be doing a talk after each day on Youtube. This year, I’m going to mention a few things … Continue reading NanoWrimo 2016

Now Available! “The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea”

The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea is now available world wide to purchase. You can now buy and start reading within Minutes. If you don’t own a Kindle Device, you can download an app for your device. There’s even a Kindle reader software that you can download on to your PC. Link to’s store Page Hopefully, the next book won’t take 7 years … Continue reading Now Available! “The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea”

Coming Soon: The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea

Coming on the 24th October, is “The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea“. This will be Amazon exclusive, at least for the first few months. While “Bar Mage of the Golden Sea” is set within the Solen Masters world, however this story is totally separate to the other stories in the series. This book was previously mentioned in posts as Gold Detector and was written … Continue reading Coming Soon: The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea

Samantha’s Story 2

Continued from this post.

Samantha had cleared up her the training yard. As expected, several Arrows had been damaged and would need to be repaired before she could use them again. The ones that couldn’t be repaired, would be used as fire wood.

She slipped the bow around her, it was not as painful as it looked to others. It also kept her hands free to do what she needed. The local guards didn’t like people carrying swords unsheathed, or a strung bow in the hands. As a member of mercenary group forming in the city, she could be asked to assist the local guards usually during emergency cases. She carried her damaged arrows in her hands to make sure she didn’t pull a broken arrow out of her quiver in a serious situation.

The walk back to her home was quiet. Vivian was right, the heat was too much for most people. Most people who didn’t have a job to do, were trying to stay in the shade. She stopped to look at dresses in the tailor shop window, one of the new dresses sported a floral pattern. Samantha liked the look of the dress, but the pattern didn’t fit her. Given the cost to make, Samantha guessed it already had a owner. After a moment staring at the new dresses, she continued on. Even if Samantha could afford the a dress, she had no money on her.

Outside her home, a woman wearing man’s suit, and a mask standing by her door. Only one person in she knew dress like that, Shinora. Shinora was the nearest this city got to Mayor’s Assistant. There was no Mayor, but she worked for the man in charge of the city. She turned to Samantha as she approached, “Hey Sammy. Have you see Laliea Carla?” Continue reading “Samantha’s Story 2”