Deleted Scene 3 – Nakato and Babirye

Following on from Last week scene, this following scene would have followed immediately after that one. In this scene we follow two mystery women. This is one few scenes that mention Solen under the older name Soju, I’ve not done edited to update the Naming conventions. There still are few typos left here.

As this was part of the same chapter as last week, there isn’t an title.  Continue reading “Deleted Scene 3 – Nakato and Babirye”

Deleted Content – Acacia’s Silence – The First scene

To help me keep progress up during Nanowrimo. I’ve chosen to share some removed scenes from the Acacia’s Silence.  These scenes are often complete but replaced in most due to various reasons. Please be aware that these scenes will use Soju instead of the Solen.

To start off, the old first page. Continue reading “Deleted Content – Acacia’s Silence – The First scene”