Tales of Phantasia and talk about Solen Masters

Here is a Video where I talk about a Video game, Tales of  Phantasia and my Solen Series. Just to add a few things, I am very much a fan, as I’ve even gotten Mint as a Figure on my shelves. There is a lot of complaints about the Official GBA Translation, over and the SNES/Super Famicom Fan Translation. Cless/Cress is one of the understandable … Continue reading Tales of Phantasia and talk about Solen Masters

Recognising your old Pokémon?

Last few weeks, I got to play and beat the one half of the latest Pokémon game pair: Pokémon Sun. I fought familiar faces, the oldest happened to be 20 years ago. Some of my own Pokémon are now 10 years old, starting life on Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. During the Battle with Anabel, who previously appeared in Emerald as the “Salon Maiden” of the … Continue reading Recognising your old Pokémon?