It’s over… and other plans for 2023

Yes, one of the deals I’ve had on this site is now over.. I won’t be offering it again. You’ve had over 3 months to get it, and I did say it would happen today, and it happened. Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word is no longer available.

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Day 7 – Unpowered Honey Tree Combee-nation

This is a part of series about my current/recent playthrough of Pokémon Pearl. While some Fan terminology and some more advanced techniques will be mentioned, this post or a previous post will provide a summary of said topic.

Day 7

I  head east out of Floraroma Town, and get stopped by a girl asking if I could save her dad at the Valley Windworks Power Plant.  I soon find a Team Galactic Grunt outside the Valley Windworks entrance. This Galactic Grunt Challenges me. Predictably, he looses.

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