2001: A Big Nutter Oddity now on the Kindle Store

Since it was released, You could only have been able to get a the copy of 2001: Big Nutter Oddity Via Smashwords. While it was free, and has no DRM, it was a little troublesome to get it on one of the worlds most popular ebook Readers, the Amazon Kindle. Today, you can now buy from the Amazon store the copy of this Book Directly … Continue reading 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity now on the Kindle Store

Recent News

In Recent News, there have been reports of Riots in the Cities of England. Manchester is not exception. BBC News can cover this news better than I can. Also the next closest city, Liverpool is not safe, too. I’ve got some good news, I’m as far away from Manchester as I can get and yet be in Greater Manchester, which also places me outside Merseyside … Continue reading Recent News

Magical Pirates – Not Sold – Work with me

I’ve got some bad news. I’ve recently had a short story with the Editors, it didn’t sell. I did however did get a rejection letter, which is good. There is two scenes that I’d like to replace before submitting to other Editors. This is where you, the visitor to this site, come in! I’m opening several unpaid positions for Test Readers. The main thing I ask you is … Continue reading Magical Pirates – Not Sold – Work with me

NaNoWriMo First 10 days

Ow! Only 2772 words so far. It’s not helped that there have been stuff happening. This reduces my writing time to where I can. In other News, Magical Pirates is sent to the Editor. I’m Expecting news on the 15th. Magical Pirates is the WIP name for a short story. This editor will be publish her clients though Dragon Moon Press, a mainly US print … Continue reading NaNoWriMo First 10 days