Free stuff coming soon & Re-“drawing” Acacia

I’m going to make three of my books free for a limited time on next month. Read on to find out more! If you’ve looked at my Instagram pages and the Art for the headers, I’ve posted a few images featuring 3d Model work. Most of this art was on My Deviant Art page. But I’ve been forced to retire my “current” set of models, … Continue reading Free stuff coming soon & Re-“drawing” Acacia

Updates incoming! News on Books & stuff

I’m in the middle of updating both 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity, and The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea. These both will be relatively minor changes. Many of these changes will be same between both books. If you wish to obtain the “Classic” versions, I’d recommend buying them now, as these updates will replace them. 2001:  A Big Nutter Oddity In addition to some Typo … Continue reading Updates incoming! News on Books & stuff

Day 7 – Unpowered Honey Tree Combee-nation

This is a part of series about my current/recent playthrough of Pokémon Pearl. While some Fan terminology and some more advanced techniques will be mentioned, this post or a previous post will provide a summary of said topic.

Day 7

I  head east out of Floraroma Town, and get stopped by a girl asking if I could save her dad at the Valley Windworks Power Plant.  I soon find a Team Galactic Grunt outside the Valley Windworks entrance. This Galactic Grunt Challenges me. Predictably, he looses.

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