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2001: A Big Nutter Oddity at SmashWords.com
2001 A Big Nutter Oddity At SmashWords.com

This site is the home page of Michael “Mike” Sharpe and his book named 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity. It is already available at SmashWords.com.

It has been recently released on Amazon site to purchase for the Kindle. (Owning a Kindle Device is not required, as there are Apps and “Desktop” reading Apps that will allow you to read the book.)

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Could Nintendo’s NX be Android?

EDIT: Since this Article was published, a Nintendo Representative made a statement about the Rumour, and has effectively stated that Nintendo will not be using Android for NX. My original article did comment that the news was unconfirmed,  was generally still considered a rumour. I have left the Original Article unedited. 

With recent news/rumour about Nintendo’s NX Console system that could be using Android Operating system. So before you complain about Angry Birds being put on a Nintendo Console. It has been done already.. No, really it has, with a themed version for both 3DS and Wii U. But I think we need to cover what an OS is. According to Oxford Dictionary:

The low-level software that supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals.

Well known examples are Android, iOS, Window, OSX and Linux. To be technical, most Modern consoles have their own Operating system. With the Complexity of most gaming and PC hardware the OS is needed to do anything. Continue reading Could Nintendo’s NX be Android?

Game Preview: Splatoon

All footage and experiences of this Preview has come from Demo and Press outlets. The Demo was time limited to three separate 1-hour long play sessions over Friday 8th May and Saturday 9th May. As this Demo version is limited please do not use this as a review.

This is a First, a Nintendo-built over the shoulder shooter, that isn’t a demo or minigame. In the past, Rare Studios (Goldeneye & Perfect Dark) and Retro Studios (Metroid Prime trilogy) have made shooters for Nintendo in the past. This is the first that an internal Nintendo team has made a shooter as the primary focus of the game.

This game is very cartoony as they use ink instead of Bullets. As for Weapons use Super Soakers and Ink Rollers instead of guns and swords. Out of all the announced Multi-player modes as of yet, Splatoon does not include a “DeathMatch” Mode that most other Shooter games have.

You play as an Inkling, or humanoid-squid thing. In Squid form you can move around alot and refill your ink, while in Humanoid mode you can shoot with the Super Soaker or use the Ink Roller. Your Inkling has access an ink consuming Sub Weapon, usually a mine or a Paint Bomb of sorts, and also a Super Weapon that must be charged by using the other weapons.

Continue reading Game Preview: Splatoon

Small News update

Samantha’s Story, while I like doing it, just got in the way of other stuff. My Tech (and gaming) Articles also had issues. I was also trying to work on Soju 1. Doing these with other commitments was too much. In short, I just had too much on my plate.

Samantha story will continue at closer later date. I know where they’re going. One reason I was working on it was to flesh out a few characters in Soju 1. Samantha will appear along with her sister and a few other people. The 3D art as shown in Part 2‘s header is actually going to help Soju 1’s cover, at least for the early releases.

One thing that hurt my Tech and Gaming Articles was trying to make a useful post on a current post. The issue is that the other commitments just stopped research and work on it at all.

As for Soju 1.. I started 12 years ago, and it looked totally different:

Edited screen shot RPG Maker 2003 editor view of Soju 1 game.
Edited screen shot RPG Maker 2003 editor view of Soju 1 game.

Sadly, this isn’t what it suppose to look like. But it’s the nearest I can get with what files I’ve got left. All the assets you see Pre-built are taken from the Editor’s offering. But Yes, this is not a Novel, but a RPG. So Who’s here? Acaica, Timon, Niu, a Bar keep, a pianist, and icon for the player. In this case the player would have been Trey. Actually, all the character names are where changed between this version and the first draft of the Novel.

With the exception of Acacia, all the characters that have appeared in Samatha’s Story did not appear in the game, as I had not thought of any of them in 2003. I’ve mentioned Acacia in the past, mainly she is the main character of Soju 1.

The date of April 30th 2003 as the starting of Soju Masters series, is actually down to the fact that I made a back up on to CD in early May 2003, and most of the files that I had a date of April 30th. As I was about format the PC the CD backup was the only data I recovered. The format was also the reason why I stopped not much further in to the game development.

I would have liked to have release the two maps even in it’s original form. Due to damage to the CD several major files are now lost, and renders the entire game unplayable. Even if it was playable, I personally wouldn’t be happy about it today: The software, RPG Maker 2003, I made the game with was only released in English for the first time this year, and I’m not keep on promoting Piracy.

Anyway back to that re-write of Soju1.

Samantha’s Story 2

Continued from this post.

Samantha had cleared up her the training yard. As expected, several Arrows had been damaged and would need to be repaired before she could use them again. The ones that couldn’t be repaired, would be used as fire wood.

She slipped the bow around her, it was not as painful as it looked to others. It also kept her hands free to do what she needed. The local guards didn’t like people carrying swords unsheathed, or a strung bow in the hands. As a member of mercenary group forming in the city, she could be asked to assist the local guards usually during emergency cases. She carried her damaged arrows in her hands to make sure she didn’t pull a broken arrow out of her quiver in a serious situation.

The walk back to her home was quiet. Vivian was right, the heat was too much for most people. Most people who didn’t have a job to do, were trying to stay in the shade. She stopped to look at dresses in the tailor shop window, one of the new dresses sported a floral pattern. Samantha liked the look of the dress, but the pattern didn’t fit her. Given the cost to make, Samantha guessed it already had a owner. After a moment staring at the new dresses, she continued on. Even if Samantha could afford the a dress, she had no money on her.

Outside her home, a woman wearing man’s suit, and a mask standing by her door. Only one person in she knew dress like that, Shinora. Shinora was the nearest this city got to Mayor’s Assistant. There was no Mayor, but she worked for the man in charge of the city. She turned to Samantha as she approached, “Hey Sammy. Have you see Laliea Carla?” Continue reading Samantha’s Story 2

NEW 3DS Hardware Review

The NEW 3DS Hardware released by Nintendo is the updated version of the 3DS handheld. I recently purchased European version of the NEW 3DS, after becoming eligible for an early release copy. To comply with the rules: This blog post is not a paid promotion, and the NEW 3DS hardware received was not paid for by Nintendo or another third party.

The New 3DS opened up
The New 3DS opened up

For this article, I will cover the changes from the original 3DS. For the Majority of this Article the improvements introduced to the NEW 3DS, also added to the NEW 3DS XL. I will note when there are exclusive components. Continue reading NEW 3DS Hardware Review