Making my Social Media better – Part 1 –

I realised a some time ago, that my twitter accounts had little to say about the world at all. First, I need to make something clear, for a long time I run two separate Twitter accounts. I use the MikeSharpewritr as an extension to this site and associated extensions, while another was for gaming and personal things to share. Another was that I needed to … Continue reading Making my Social Media better – Part 1 –

UGEE 1560 Graphics Monitor Review

I’ve been meaning to talk about this for some time.. so here goes. The Ugee 1560 IPS Graphics Monitor one of my more recent purchases, and with it being expensive at just under £350. So what stand out about it? As a 15.6 inch Display, the Graphics Monitor seems small for Desktop PC monitor. Most Destkop Monitors start at 19 inches, so this Graphics monitor … Continue reading UGEE 1560 Graphics Monitor Review

Working outside without the Laptop

A few days ago, New York Times Bestseller Author Scott Sigler posted about doing a 18 day run without bringing a laptop to his recent trip around Europe. Instead he was to rely on his tablet and no laptops, and still keeping on his work going. A few years ago I did needed to do the same, except that the laptop wasn’t a option as I didn’t have a working one.
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